Synergy Days 2017 – Chorzów, Block II, 20th June 2017

This Educational Meeting is targeted to enterprises that are operating on the Polish market,
and so it will be conducted in Polish language. Click Here to proceed to its domestic website,
where you can find expanded descriptions and more information in Polish.
Meeting Info
Synergy Poland would like to invite you for a Conference:

Synergy Days 2017
Chorzów, 20 czerwca 2017 r.
Blok II
Systemy IT dla Produkcji.

■ Synergy Days 2017
Synergy Days is nationwide forum of information exchange between decision-makers of Polish enterprises and IT solution providers. The event will gather several hundred managers from whole Poland, who plan to invest in hi-tech IT solutions.

The 2017 edition will be organized under the heading: IT Systems in Poland – how to choose? The idea of this year event is to show the enterprises a directions of IT infrastructure development and IT systems, which meet the assumptions of modern organization in accordance with Industry 4.0 concept.

During Synergy Days 2017 will be held:
  • International Industry 4.0 debate, where will be discussed current IT infrastructure of Polish and foreign enterprises in accordance with Industry 4.0 concept. In discussion will take part producers of advanced IT solutions from Finland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.
  • Logistics 4.0 Debate – Smart Factory of XXI century. Discussion involving solution vendors and entrepreneurs on use of the latest trends and technology in internal logistics, i.a. IoT, Augmented Reality.
  • Cycle of individual consulting with BPC Group analytics. The enterprises struggling with advanced IT solutions selection will have an opportunity to obtain information about IT solutions available on the market and specialization of the vendors, together with guidance on RFP (request for proposal) creation.
  • Premiere of book publication "IT Systems in Poland – how to choose?", which is directed to the SME’s market. The publication will include description of 100 IT solutions, supporting management of whole organization, production, warehouse & logistics. The entrepreneurs will have a chance to get knowledge how to prepare request for proposal and how to select solution that is optimally tailored to company needs.
  • Presentation of over a dozen IT systems, which support management of most important merit areas in organization, such as: whole enterprise management, production, warehouse & logistics, management analysis.

Day I – Chorzów, June 20th 2017
Block I IT Systems for SMEs »  
Block II IT Systems for Production » You are here
Block III BI and Workflow Systems »  

Day II – Wrocław, June 22nd 2017
Block I (International) IT Systems for Production »  
Block II IT Systems for Warehouse and Logistics »  
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Synergy Days 2017 – Chorzów, Block II
Date: 20th June 2017
Tuesday, 08:00 AM
Place: Poland, Chorzów, Hotel Gorczowski ****
41-506 Chorzów, ul. Stefana Batorego 35
Costs: Participation is free of charge
(incl. lunch for participants, coffee break)
The Meeting will be
conducted in Polish
Hotel Gorczowski ****
Organisers Synergy Days:
Synergy Poland Sp. z o.o. Business Penetration & Consulting Sp. z o.o.
Technological Partners:
Soneta Sp. z o.o. Grupa Dr IT Hermes Reply Polska Sp. z o.o. Queris Sp. z o.o. ANT Sp. z o.o. Abis Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. Proxia Polska Sp. z o.o. Operator Systems Poland MAGRA Spółka Jawna
Spa Medical Dwór Elizy Filharmonia Śląska Gravitacja Katowice Księgarnia Internetowa Helion.pl Kaspersky Lab Polska Sp. z o.o. AutoID Polska S.A. MAGRA Spółka Jawna Prezent Marzeń
Software Solutions and System Integration
for High Technology Manufacturing
Eckhard Friedrich
Eckhard Friedrich
Head of Sales
SYSTEMA delivers system integration and automation solutions that enable companies to quickly achieve operational excellence with full visibility, control and coordination of manufacturing processes and operations - from the factory floor through the global supply chain. SYSTEMA has the knowledge, skills and experience to manage the complexity of automation software for high technology manufacturing. Our company provides software solutions, processes, and services to the high technology industry that are cost-effective, improve productivity and meet regulatory compliance requirements.
The company is a global provider of automation solutions for the manufacturing industries. With a proven track record in project management we enable the fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0. Our Experts develop, implement and support software solutions for multi-site integration of IT systems and global traceability. SYSTEMA is a strategic SAP Manufacturing Partner. Founded in 1993 by Dipl.-Inf. Manfred Austen its headquarters are located in Dresden (Germany). Offices are located in Bend (USA), and since 2014 in Ipoh (Malaysia) to ensure the best support and care for customers worldwide. Read More »
Production Planning and Scheduling
with Delfoi Planner
Raimo Puro
Raimo Puro
Delfoi Oy
One of the benefits from this Finnish solution is rapid rescheduling of a complete manufacturing chain. The time spent in rescheduling is reduced from hours to minutes. You can, for example, choose when an order has to be ready and the scheduling software calculates automatically when a work stage has to begin at the latest.
Other benefits are easy integrability with ERP systems and fast implementation - it can be done very quickly and is cost effective. Experienced customers may roll-out the software with their own work force.
Delfoi Planner is easy to use, web-based, visual Production Scheduling solution with a shop floorr execution and data collection functionality.
With Delfoi Planner APS users are able to plan and schedule complex supply chains with multiple plants (multi-site planning) with ease. It's scalability makes it well suited also for small job shops. Our program is made for the users. It's user experience represent best-in-class. It is easy to use and reduces scheduling time from several hours to just few minutes. Read More »
Polish IT Market Capability
Mateusz Rozwadowski
Sales Consultant
BPC Group
On 9th and 10th march 2016 in Krakow will be held the meeting which will gather the IT suppliers from whole Europe. They will get knowledge about the Polish market and they will make presentation about their advanced IT solutions among over hundred of Polish entrepreneurs.
The aim of this event is to support foreign companies in the process of marketing and purchasing activities. This is the possibility to start cooperation between Poland and other European Union countries and to strengthen the IT solutions sector.
Polish market is very interesting for the foreign IT suppliers. They see the opportunity of investment and possibility to start IT business in Poland. With BPC Group support it is possible to achieve many benefits by small contribution.
BPC Group is created by the companies – Synergy Poland and Business Penetration and Consulting. Synergy Poland cooperates with foreign IT companies for years in the processes of partner’s network building, purchasing projects, raising grants and support in entering the Polish market. Read More »
Technological Partners 2007 – 2017:
Media Patronage 2007 – 2017:
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