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The metal industry is one of the most expansive industries in Poland. It is connected with other industries such as machine steel, iron, tool and metal treatment. Key permanent absorption sectors for the metal industry are mainly construction, car and household appliances. If these sectors suffer a reduction in orders for metal products, it automatically results in the metal industry recording losses.

Currently, the Polish market is comprised of more than 53. 5 thousand companies in the metal industry (metal production and metal product manufacturing). Two largest groups are formed by companies employing up to 9 employees (ca. 91%) and 10 to 49 (more than 6%). The main problem of the industry is high fragmentation and the share of small/medium companies. It should be noted however, that last year many companies ceased their operations. In 2013, 886 bankruptcies were recorded, 1% more than in 2012. The problems of the metal industry result mostly from its strict links with other industries i.a. construction, machine and automotive. Companies are also struggling with surplus production capacity reaching 30-40%. Companies that positively assess their financial situation are also present. They indicate that it is connected to the high level of exports to the west.

Chart: Company Market Structure in the Metal and Machine Industry.

The machine sector in Poland may be divided into: general purpose machines, special purpose machines, agriculture and forestry machines, and mechanical equipment and devices. The machine industry is one of the strongest industries in Poland, in particular in the context of participation of machine companies on foreign markets. The location of Polish machine production plants in the heart of Europe favourably affects investments taken in this industry and order placement. 2014 recorded a nearly 3% increase in the number of entities dealing in the production of various kinds of machines as compared to the previous year. Companies are concentrated mostly in the Podkarpackie Province.

Currently the Polish machine industry is comprised of ca. 8 000 companies, of which more than 80% employs up to 9 people. A significant share belongs to small companies with 10-49 employees (1015 entities). Almost 5% employs up to 249 employees, and 79 companies, more than 250.

Nearly 70% of companies covered by BPC educational-consulting activities indicate that their current IT infrastructure does not meet the required functionality and is in need of modernizing. It lacks specialized tools regarding the production area. Entrepreneurs are also interested in ERP, APS, PLM, MES, CAx, EDI and WMS solutions.

Unlike the metal industry, this sector is strictly associated with agriculture and the food industry. Part of works is still performed manually, which is often difficult to encompass by a system. Machine metering is at times unprofitable, while the human factor results in inaccuracies of data introduced into the system.
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19th May 2016
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19th June 2015
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Roadshow in Kraków
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Production under Close Scrutiny
Jiri Merz
Jiri Merz
Merz s.r.o.
Czech Republic
MES Merz represents a complex solution for operation management, tracking, planning, and evaluation of production. The manufacturing execution system yields a perfect overview of current production status as well as production history, and represents a cost-competitive advantage in the form of distinctly higher production effectiveness. MES Merz is a strong helper in implementing lean and paperless manufacturing, following the principles of Industry 4.0.
MES Merz, that's all necessary production data online wherever, whenever. The MES Merz platform is designed to satisfy any specific needs of production in a particular industry, but it also covers all functionalities commonly required across all industries (reporting, KPI‘s of the OEE type, modules for data collection through various communication channels, etc.). This conception assures that customers only obtain the solution they truly need, always - the system is optimized within the required functionality for the size and swiftness of response. Read More »
Production Planning and Scheduling
with Delfoi Planner
Raimo Puro
Raimo Puro
Delfoi Oy
One of the benefits from this Finnish solution is rapid rescheduling of a complete manufacturing chain. The time spent in rescheduling is reduced from hours to minutes. You can, for example, choose when an order has to be ready and the scheduling software calculates automatically when a work stage has to begin at the latest.
Other benefits are easy integrability with ERP systems and fast implementation - it can be done very quickly and is cost effective. Experienced customers may roll-out the software with their own work force.
Delfoi Planner is easy to use, web-based, visual Production Scheduling solution with a shop floorr execution and data collection functionality.
With Delfoi Planner APS users are able to plan and schedule complex supply chains with multiple plants (multi-site planning) with ease. It's scalability makes it well suited also for small job shops. Our program is made for the users. It's user experience represent best-in-class. It is easy to use and reduces scheduling time from several hours to just few minutes. Read More »
Si5 The ERP system: ERP software
for manufacturing enterprises
Antonio Minutolo
Antonio Minutolo
Project Manager
Sorma S.p.a.
Sorma was founded in 1980 as a consulting company with the aim of combining two core concepts: organization and software with the scope of building a unique corporate project.<br />
The mission of Sorma is to realize informative system projects for national or international companies by using its Si5 ERP.

Sorma major asset is the strong commitment to find solutions to customer real problems, by putting into effect a solution of high standard, enforced with the greatest attention to give contribution towards organization. How? Through efficiency, and respect of the peculiarities of each business environment.

Sorma is also defined by the application of an operative methodology ensuring interventions on real corporate problems, by adapting to the customer, though maintaining the integrity and consistency of the product. Read More »
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