Synergy Days 2017 – Wrocław, Block I, 22nd June 2017

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Si5 is the ERP web-based which offers to manufacturing companies modern answers to both management and business development needs, and facing international and complex challenges.
Si5 improves corporate performances, thanks to Management, Control and Planning of all corporate processes, by seeking absolute efficiency and automation in responding to the needs of a constantly evolving market.
ERP is an increasingly strategic component of corporate business and must for this reason be able to adapt to its requirements.
Through Si5 you deal with all businesses and the functional area of your company.
Si5 is present all round the world and enables centralized multi-plant data.
Supplying management in Si5 intends to support the firm in dealing with external resources acquisition, by getting better results not only in terms of prices but also in terms of quality and supplying service.
Si5 is a parametric and flexible software, available in targeted configurations which are quicker and more economical.
Si5 simplifies interrelations among all corporate functions, by guaranteeing a more fluent circulation of information to advantage a major and quicker return on investments.
MES Merz represents a complex solution for operational management, tracking, planning and evaluation of production. The production information system yields a perfect overview of current status of production and represents a cost competitive advantage in the form of distinctly higher production effectiveness. It creates the interlink between the superior company information system of ERP type and the production management system on the level of individual machines, lines and technologies.
MES Merz, that’s all necessary data online wherever, whenever. Simultaneously, the selectiveness of information makes it possible to use only the data selected for individual management levels, and to react only on the relevant level.
MES Merz finds use with customers across production industries (automotive, food industry, furniture industry, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, ...). The software platform is designed to be able to satisfy the specific requirements corresponding with the character of the production in a particular industry, without the need of laborious development and implementation of the functionalities which are common for most of the industries (reporting, KPI of the OEE type, modules for data collection through various communication channels, etc.). This conception assures the customers that they only obtain the solution they truly need, always – the system is optimized within the required functionality for the size and swiftness of response.MES Merz is also a strong helper in implementing lean and paperless manufacturing.
Orsoft develops innovative APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) solutions as a complement to SAP® ERP, SAP® SCM (PP/DS), and SAP S/4HANA.
ORSOFT solutions are used in the production planning process, for the supply chain management, master data maintenance and multi-resource planning in hospitals. They create transparency about logistical chains and support decisions of planners and managers in accordance with the strategic goals of the user firms.
ORSOFT solutions fit all industries with production processes, such as discrete manufacturing, life sciences, pharma, automotive, oil and gas, food and beverages etc.
Customers of ORSOFT are medium sized and big corporations worldwide, who mainly use SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP or other leading ERP Software, such as Zentis and Lisner in Poland.
Delfoi Planner is a user-friendly, web-based, visual Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution with a shop floor execution and data collection functionality (MES).
The software utilizes effectively industrial internet (IoT and IoS) enabling real-time data exchange between stakeholders. Manufacturing and service operations become online.
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The subject of presentation is the demonstration of MES class software, in the area of production Planning, machines monitoring and production orders.
PROXIA MES includes several modules:
  • MDE, machines monitoring with OEE indication;
  • BDE, production orders monitoring with KPI indication;
  • PROXIA, advanced production planning on limited resources;
  • DNC, communication server for NC management;
  • TD, equipment and production data management.
Expectations and purposes of ProXIA MES use:
  • Management and overview of current machine status from one place;
  • Management and overview of current production orders status;
  • Time reduction of machine efficiency indication;
  • Rapid integration in the enterprise by using of standard data bases Microsoft / Oracle.
Using simplicity:
  • Operation of MDE/BDE program and communication with machines on production is made by computer network and is independent from the machine producer;
  • The system is especially user-friendly, has practical interface and operations simplicity;
  • MDE/BDE is available 24/7 for machine operators and the management.
MES system benefits:
  • Current feedback from machine to planning level.
  • The end of “paper mess” in production. Central software update.
  • Simple update of documentation and NC software.
  • Optimal usage of existing resources.
Data gathering:
The main purpose of MDE software development was to a give simple and intuitive interface for inexperienced users. By MDE module it is possible to gather data, entered manually by user (by personal terminal on the machine), which uses machine touch pad, as well as get data automatically from the machines. The software is configured individually for each enterprise needs.
The Online-Monitor module of PROXIA gives the user all the information from the machines and real-time production at the same time. This way the user has an immediate overview on actual situation of production and montage. It is possible to present i.a. run times, auxiliary times, and number of details as the overview for production master as well as a global overview for the planner or head of production. Information about production status on each machine via SMS or e-mail is a basic function.
This software suite allows the user to display the time scope and to show graphically on the timeline – machines efficiency/ devices/ orders/ employees. It gives the manger a possibility of simple and quick view into: the last shift activity or the particular production order.
Indicator analysis: OEE and KPI:
The important attribute of MES Manager is to indicate parameters (for instance OEE or KPI).
It is made on the basis of:
  • Reports, which could be modified and designed by the user. The aim of that is fast way of parameters visualization – efficiency, downtimes and errors.
  • Web browser, where in modern and user-friendly form, are displayed all the performance indicators. The access to this module is by smartphones.
This data are used mainly for the analysis of weak links in organizational and technical process chain as well as for costs calculation of finished orders. Beside of that, gathered data can be used for calculation of salary and bonuses.
ANT Factory Portal is the system for monitoring of on-going manufacturing process, which is an supplement for ERP systems. Using newest technology AJAX WEB 2.0 it gives safe and functional access to data by web browsers. Each entitled user can log in and acquire access to data from selected manufacturing plant. It substitutes manual production reporting in favor of automated data gathering, straight from machines and production lines.
The implementation of the system gave our customers an average 20% OEE growth, beside of that we reduced energy use, we diminished management costs and achieved products quality improvement.
Synergy Days 2017 – Wrocław, Block I
Date: 22nd June 2017
Thursday, 08:00 AM
Place: Poland, Wrocław, Park Hotel Diament Wrocław ****
54–424 Wrocław, ul. Muchoborska 10
Costs: Participation is free of charge
(incl. lunch for participants, coffee break)
The Meeting will be conducted in Polish
and in English with a simultaneous
translation into Polish
Park Hotel Diament Wrocław ****
Organisers Synergy Days:
Synergy Poland Sp. z o.o. Business Penetration & Consulting Sp. z o.o.
Technological Partners:
SORMA SpA Merz s.r.o. Orsoft GmbH Delfoi Oy APLIXCOM Solutions Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. Proxia Polska Sp. z o.o. ANT Sp. z o.o. MAGRA Spółka Jawna
General Sponsor:
Vecto Sp. z o.o.
Spa Medical Dwór Elizy Księgarnia Internetowa Helion.pl Kaspersky Lab Polska Sp. z o.o. AutoID Polska S.A. MAGRA Spółka Jawna Prezent Marzeń Interskills Pałac Chojnata Break The Code KLER SA
Production under Close Scrutiny
Jiri Merz
Jiri Merz
Merz s.r.o.
Czech Republic
MES Merz represents a complex solution for operation management, tracking, planning, and evaluation of production. The manufacturing execution system yields a perfect overview of current production status as well as production history, and represents a cost-competitive advantage in the form of distinctly higher production effectiveness. MES Merz is a strong helper in implementing lean and paperless manufacturing, following the principles of Industry 4.0.
MES Merz, that's all necessary production data online wherever, whenever. The MES Merz platform is designed to satisfy any specific needs of production in a particular industry, but it also covers all functionalities commonly required across all industries (reporting, KPI‘s of the OEE type, modules for data collection through various communication channels, etc.). This conception assures that customers only obtain the solution they truly need, always - the system is optimized within the required functionality for the size and swiftness of response. Read More »
Production Planning and Scheduling
with Delfoi Planner
Raimo Puro
Raimo Puro
Delfoi Oy
One of the benefits from this Finnish solution is rapid rescheduling of a complete manufacturing chain. The time spent in rescheduling is reduced from hours to minutes. You can, for example, choose when an order has to be ready and the scheduling software calculates automatically when a work stage has to begin at the latest.
Other benefits are easy integrability with ERP systems and fast implementation - it can be done very quickly and is cost effective. Experienced customers may roll-out the software with their own work force.
Delfoi Planner is easy to use, web-based, visual Production Scheduling solution with a shop floorr execution and data collection functionality.
With Delfoi Planner APS users are able to plan and schedule complex supply chains with multiple plants (multi-site planning) with ease. It's scalability makes it well suited also for small job shops. Our program is made for the users. It's user experience represent best-in-class. It is easy to use and reduces scheduling time from several hours to just few minutes. Read More »
Si5 The ERP system: ERP software
for manufacturing enterprises
Antonio Minutolo
Antonio Minutolo
Project Manager
Sorma S.p.a.
Sorma was founded in 1980 as a consulting company with the aim of combining two core concepts: organization and software with the scope of building a unique corporate project.<br />
The mission of Sorma is to realize informative system projects for national or international companies by using its Si5 ERP.

Sorma major asset is the strong commitment to find solutions to customer real problems, by putting into effect a solution of high standard, enforced with the greatest attention to give contribution towards organization. How? Through efficiency, and respect of the peculiarities of each business environment.

Sorma is also defined by the application of an operative methodology ensuring interventions on real corporate problems, by adapting to the customer, though maintaining the integrity and consistency of the product. Read More »
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Media Patronage 2007 – 2017:
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